Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss Immediatly
Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss Immediatly

Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss Immediately

Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss Immediatly
Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss Immediatly

Vegetable and fruit juices are one of the best nutrients that you should add in your diet for daily essential nutrients.But have you ever wondered that,it also helps you to lose weight? Winters are going on and if you want to lose weight,pick fruits and vegetables which are low in sugar and carbohydrates

We all know that losing weight is not a easy .One have to follow strict exercise routine along with a healthy diet,yoga and cardio.Some people often rely on crash and fad diet for quick weight loss but in actual,these diet do not help you in longer run.Therefore it is necessary to add all type of healthy food and focus on your daily calorie intake.Fizzy drinks or any other weight loss drink available in market may become risk to your body and might create health issues.Hence it is always better to drink homemade drinks and juices.

Here are top 3 weight loss that you can easily make at home in minutes


Tomatoes are low in calories and carbohydrates.About 100 grams of tomatoes contain around 18-20 calories and 3-4 grams of carbohydrates which is perfect for those who are on calorie-restricted diet.Moreover tomato has high water content.

All you need is 2 cups of chopped tomatoes and beetroot with 2 tablespoon of lime juice.Blend all the ingredients in a blender.Stir well and you can also add salt for taste.


Carrots are filled with fibre,both soluble and insoluble.Fibre take longest to digest and keeps you full for longer time,which also doesn’t lead to digestion problems. Including carrot to your daily diet may accelerate your weight-loss process. About 100 grams of carrots contains 40-42 calories and about 2-3 grams of fiber. Carrot juice is perfect in a weight loss diet.

Take 2 cups of diced carrots and beetroot with half cup of water,you can also add amla juice for extra benefits.Blend all ingredients in a mixer and you can also add pinch of salt and mint leaves for taste.


Apple is a low calorie-fruit.Around 100 grams of apples contains 50 calories which means you can easily have this low calorie-fruit without thinking about weight loss programme.

Take 2 cups of chopped apple,1 pinch of cinnamon powder and half cup diced beetroot.Blend the ingredients in a mixer and stir well.You can also add black pepper and salt for taste.

These are some of the best low-calorie juices which you should add in your daily diet during winters.





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