How to Treat a Black Toenail

Having half or all of a toenail flip black are often dreaded. luckily, the causes of black toenails area unit sometimes not serious, and also the condition is usually simple to treat. the most effective treatment can rely on the reason for your black toenail. a pair of-of the foremost common causes area unit injury to the nail bed and flora infections. alternative common causes embody general disorders, drugs, or inflammatory disorders. In rare cases, black spots or streaks beneath the nail are often caused by malignant melanoma (a variety of skin cancer) growing on the nail bed. If you’re unsure what’s inflicting your black toenail, see your doctor to induce a correct diagnosing and discuss your treatment choices.


1 seek for signs of toenail injury. think about whether or not your toe was recently gashed in a way. Injury to the nail bed will cause blood to accumulate beneath the nail, making a black or dark brown discoloration. this is often known as a subungual intumescence. you will additionally expertise symptoms like a sense of pain or pressure beneath the nail.

In some cases, it should be obvious that your black toenail was caused by associate injury—for example, you will have born one thing on your foot or stubbed your toe.

Black toenails also can develop bit by bit from perennial injury, like pressure from to a fault tight shoes or trauma to the toes caused by frequent running, hiking, or sports.


2 Use the RICE protocol to treat your nail reception. If your intumescence is minor and not inflicting you plenty of pain, you’ll doubtless manage it reception while not medical facilitate. Use Rest, Ice, Compression associated Elevation (RICE) right away once an injury to reduce swelling and pain and encourage your toenail to heal:[3]

Rest: Rest the nail by minimizing the employment of the gashed foot the maximum amount as you’ll. as an example, avoid running or hiking for one or two of weeks once the injury.

Ice: place associate ice pack wrapped in artifact or wrapping on the gashed toe to numb the pain and cut back swelling. you’ll safely use associate ice stop working to once associate hour, for 20-30 minutes at a time.[4]

Compress: Apply light pressure by wrapping a bandage round the gashed toe. this may facilitate minimize the quantity of blood that pools beneath your nail.

Elevation: cut back swelling by elevating your foot higher than the extent of your heart the maximum amount as doable. as an example, you may lie on your couch together {with your|along with your} foot resting on the arm rest or be bed with your foot propped on a combine of pillows.

3 Take over-the-counter pain relievers to manage pain. If your black toenail is painful, strive associate medicinal drug|nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug|NSAID|anti-inflammatory|anti-inflammatory drug} (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) like Nuprin (Motrin), NSAID (Aleve), or Tylenol (Tylenol). this may relieve your pain and cut back swelling and inflammation.[5]

Ask your doctor before victimisation Bayer or merchandise containing Bayer, since these may build any trauma beneath the nail worse.

4 See your doctor if you’ve got severe symptoms. In some cases, home treatment for a subungual intumescence might not be enough. build a rendezvous together with your doctor if you’ve got symptoms like severe or intolerable pain, uncontrollable trauma from the gashed space, a deep move the toe or nail, or harm to the bottom of the nail.[6]

The doctor might build alittle puncture in your toenail with a optical maser or a needle to permit blood and alternative fluids to empty from beneath the nail. If the injury to the nail is severe or there area unit signs of infection, they’ll got to take away the nail altogether.

If you’re caring for a baby or tiny kid with associate gashed toenail, take them to the doctor promptly rather than attempting to treat it yourself.


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