Dark lips home remedies
Dark lips home remedies

Dark lips home remedies

Dark lips home remedies
Dark lips home remedies

Lips have a vital impact in the general magnificence of an individual. Lovely, succulent and pink
lips make an individual look appealing and shocking. The state of the lips is in charge of
deciding the general appearance of the substance of a person. Slight lips, vast lips or dull lips
turn into a subject of joke by companions and society.
Grinning makes an individual look excellent and lips are the explanation for a wonderful grin.
Lips will in general be the most alluring element of the face. A ton of people experience the ill
effects of dull, dim, stained and dried out lips which will in general make their general identity
look unremarkable.
Reasons for dark lips:
Skin disorder, mechanical, chemical and lifestyle factors, high stress, cyanosis, jaundice,
anaemia, dermatitis, etc cause dark lips.
Here are some home remedies tips to lighten your dark lips:
Lemon: lemon contains vitamin C, which is good for lighten the colour of lips. You can use
lemon juice with sugar and massage on your lips.
Rose water: mix rose water with honey and apply on your lips. It exfoliating the lips and make
them pink. You can aiso mix cold cream with powdered sugar to make your lips light.
Sugar: Utilizing a clean make of margarine and pulverize sugar causes in shedding lips to make
them look pink. Cold cream blended with powdered sugar can likewise be utilized around
evening time for saturating
Pomegranate: Mix milk and pomegranate seeds and utilizing them on your lips normally makes
them turn red in shading.
Almond oil: Take almond oil and castor oil in equivalent extents to rub. Or then again use
almond oil and coconut oil for rubbing.
● Licking or sucking of lips makes them dry and dark.
● Biting the lips also damage them.
● Minimize the sun exposure
● Change your lipstick time to time and use branded lip products only.
● Keep your lips hydrated all time.
● Don’t smoke
● Massage your lips .
● Rub ice cubes also

You can use lip balm with vitamin E. try these home remedies and make your lips beautiful,
smooth ans pink.


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