When do you think of
When do you think of "bodybuilding" what your mind says?
When do you think of "bodybuilding" what your mind says?
When do you think of “bodybuilding” what your mind says?

When do you think of “bodybuilding” what your mind says? A bulky man with huge arms and big muscles. It is sure that he might be pulling train just by his hands, in your imagination. But you are also not wrong that we see on bodybuilding posters holding supplements or heavy dumbells.

But this is not the actual way you think this term. It also has different categories or different types of physique along with a different way of bodybuilding competition. So in today’s article, we will see the difference between an aesthetic bodybuilder and a normal bodybuilder.

What “aesthetic” means?

It simply means that you appreciate a beauty that pleases your eyes. Something aesthetically pleases you that appeals your taste and artistic eye.

Aesthetic bodybuilding

This is a basic categorize of bodybuilding that deals with aesthetically pleasing models. In terms of workout and training is not that different than normal bodybuilders. But aesthetic bodybuilder doesn’t choose to gain muscle mass, they always try to be leaner and learn to gain quality muscle.

Aesthetic bodybuilder always has good mind muscle connection. He usually draws his body in mind according to his goals, like the size of biceps or width of his chest. They always try to keep an attractive symmetry and beauty that pleases your eyes.

Who chooses aesthetic bodybuilding?

– Loves making money with modeling.

-For bodybuilding competitions. You will not compete with normal bodybuilder because your weight category is different.

-Those who want to live a healthy life with a fit body.

-To enhance their beauty by the body.

-Having goals of stronger and quality muscles.

Building aesthetic body

To become an aesthetic bodybuilder you need to change your daily habits and workout routines.
Daily workout:
You need an appropriate training program according to your goals that suit you perfectly. Hire a coach, try different workouts and stick to it daily according to your social life. Each body part requires its own routine and each body requires its own exercises. Try to do regular until you get satisfied and you should actually know when to stop growing muscles and maintain your physique.

Diet and nutrition:
You need to change your daily eating habits. Consult your coach to make a diet that helps your muscle growth and add daily proper nutrition to your life. You spend a lot of energy on workout and it must be restored without any damage to your muscles and health. High protein diet is always perfect for your fitness goals.

Proper Rest:
Work hard on your physique but not to be harsh on your body.You should rest your body and keep it ready to push to next limits.Without proper sleep and muscle recovery you will tend to get health issues.Many aesthetic bodybuilders spend time in sauna,because it relaxes your mind and body and warmth makes you sweat which detox your body.

Normal bodybuilding:
Knowing about aesthetic bodybuilding,we can say that normal bodybuilding is not a eye pleasing bodybuilding.The goal of a normal bodybuilder is just to grow muscles and minimize fat.And if muscles keep growing and fat gets minimized day by day you tend to have unattractive symmetry.

Goal of a normal bodybuilder is not to get stronger as much as it is to get bigger.They pump their muscles by special training which tears their muscles and then they are daily repaired.Due to these their muscles grows larger and larger.

Anyone cannot become bodybuilder even if you give your whole life to bodybuilding,their is nothing to do if you have weak bone structure.To create perfect V-shape,bodybuilder needs to have wide shoulders and huge arms to small waist to narrow hips.You need wide shoulders and enough narrow hips to support bulky muscles.If you have weak genetics and weak bone structure there is nothing you can do.

To build such a body you need



-Growth hormones.

Natural bodybuilders

Normal bodybuilders take part in competitions,which is very important for their career.Some competitions such as ”MR OLYMPIA” which is known worldwide.

Popular name of bodybuilders are Flex Wheeler,Ronnie cloeman,Jay Cuttler,Phil Heath and,also known as King Arnold Schwarzenegger.Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body defines both aesthetic and normal bodybuilding.At different stages of life he was perfect example of both,and he was the only one who brought bodybuilding to life,because of him we all know about bodybuilding.

Few words to the point.

Aesthetic bodybuilder is your male model,sculpted six packs and arms.These are man who love to grow mirror muscles,they try to bring body to perfection and maintain a eye catching physique.

Normal bodybuilders are more muscular,they spend their life in building muscle and gaining mass rather then strength and bring their body to maximum muscle mass size.

They use steroids to increase their muscle grow rather than health.Later steroids result to swollen inner and outer organs,hair loss etc.However you can also achieve similar results by using legal steroids and safe supplements.


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