Many shampoos contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate which help produce foam to cleanse out the dirt and grease from your hair. But in the process of doing this, these chemicals also leach out natural oils from the scalp which are essential for your hair’s nourishment. A natural alternative to avoid such extreme damage is to use shampoo made of herbal products like soapnut (reetha) with shikakai.

To make this shampoo, mix equal portions of reetha and shikakai powders and add warm water to it to make a paste. Now apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and then wash it away after some time.

If you feel that your hair is a bit too dry after using this paste, then instead of equal quantities of both the ingredients, add less of soapnut powder and more of shikakai. This is a gentle cleansing shampoo and can be used frequently to wash your hair. Since these products are herbal in nature, they will not have the side-effects that chemical shampoos have on your hair.


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