Home remedy tips to get rid of pimples with saffron
Home remedy tips to get rid of pimples with saffron
Home remedy tips to get rid of pimples with saffron
Home remedy tips to get rid of pimples with saffron

Mostly teenager may have constantly fighting with pimples. They are especially bad when you are near your puberty years. But these are due to hormonal changes and many of us actually grows out of it . But there are also few people who continue to battle the pimple war and as they grow up, the acne still haunts them, But now it is a more menacing form and is called adult acne.

What is adult acne and what causes it?

Adult acne can continue well into your thirties and even forties. If you don’t find out the reason for this and curb it right away,  You will continue fighting a losing battle.

Saffron for face:Saffron is used in cooking and popularly known as beauty aid. It possesses therapeutic properties, and the potassium in it help  with cell formation and repair. saffron benefits skin because it contains many vitamins and anti oxidants that are beneficial to the skin. It is anti inflammatory and soothes skin. It is anti fungal and can be used to treat acne. If you use saffron for skin, make sure you purchase the highest quality of saffron. It should be deep red with orange tips and should take at least 15 min to change colors when soaked in water, and release a pleasant aroma.

Saffron for face packs :You may be using various types of face packs to fight your acne, but did you know that if you just add a few strands of saffron to these face packs, They will become anti bacterial and help you fight against acne? Yes that’s the healing power of saffron ! In any face packs that you use, add some saffron and you will see the difference.

Let’s look at some uses of saffron for acne: Saffron is best advice for acne prone skin. Reliable and good home remedies are the best ways to stop adult acne once and for all. You have all the products right in your kitchen and you don’t have to spend a lot on it! One of the best products that we can suggests is saffron for acne skin. Saffron is a wonderful products and it is been long believed to produce tangible results.

Reducing pigmentation:Saffron can be an excellent natural ingredient for reducing pigmentation, brown spots and other skin blemishes. Soak a few strands of saffron in clean water. Add this to 2 tbsp of turmeric powder and make a paste. Apply this on your face to reduce pigmentation and dark spots.

Healing scars:Saffron has healing properties which can hasten the process of skin recovery. Applying saffron on wounds or injured skin will make them heal faster. Saffron also helps lighten the marks in the long run. Soak 2 tsp of saffron in water and crush into a paste. Add a few drops of coconut oil and apply directly on the scars. Regular application will heal the scars and help fade the marks.

Glowing skin:Pollution, harsh weather and external factors make the skin dull and lifeless. Regular application of saffron can breathe life into your skin, making it radiant. Soak saffron in half-a-cup of raw milk, and apply this concoction on your face for a natural glow.

Improving complexion:Saffron is widely used in skin lightening cosmetic products. Since ancient times it has been prized ingredient for nourishing the skin. Regular use of saffron will give you a healthy complexion. Take a few strands of saffron and crush them. Add to 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder along with rose water to make a paste. Apply on skin for better complexion.

Removing suntan:The skin soothing and lightening qualities of saffron makes it handy for skin tan removal. Applying saffron strands soaked in milk will fade away the tan making the skin even toned.

Skin toner:Saffron makes for an excellent skin toner providing a burst of nourishment and freshness to the skin. Add a few strands of saffron in rose water and you have an instant fragrant skin rejuvenator. This will also impart a youthful glow to the face.

Saffron for Blemishes:Saffron can be soaked with a few basil leaves in water and then made into a paste. This paste needs to be massaged into your skin using circular motion. After leaving it on for up to 15 minutes, you can wash it off with cold water. While saffron is antifungal, basil leaves are known to be antibacterial. They can work together to treat the acne. You could also add turmeric, which is antiseptic, to this mix can help in fast results.

 Saffron For Skin Brightening:A great way to brighten dull skin is to soak saffron strands in water overnight. This solution can be added to virgin coconut oil or olive oil and a bit of raw milk. A bread piece can be used to scrub this mixture on your face. It is an effective way to exfoliate skin and improve blood circulation. So go on and get this spice and use it in your beauty care regime to get lovely skin.

Saffron For Pimples:For ages, saffron has been considered a magical spice. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered it the elixir of life and used it for medicinal properties. Since saffron benefits for skin are many, they used in many of their face packs and bathing rituals. Even in India saffron is considered very effective in medicines and skin care products. It was known to cure most ailments, and as a result even now people use saffron to treat different diseases.

Here are some home remedy tips for acne with saffron. let’s look into it.

Saffron, Basil Leaves and Rose Water:Both saffron and basil are natural anti-bacterial agents, which curbs bacterial growth and shrinks the zits to a great extent.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of pure rose water.
  • Add 12-15 saffron strands to it.
  • Let them soak in rose water for an hour
  • Now, take a handful of fresh basil leaves and make a thick paste of them by grinding with a little rose water.
  • Add the soaked saffron to this paste along with rose water.
  • Mix everything well.
  • Apply the mixture to either the trouble spots or all over the face.
  • Wait for 30 minutes so that it turns semi-dry.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Saffron neem leaves and rose water:Just like basil, fresh neem leaves also have very high anti-microbial properties. So, you can mix it up with saffron too.

  • Take a handful of fresh neem leaves and turn them into a thick smooth paste by mixing with some pure rose water.
  • Crush 10-12 saffron strands and add to the neem paste.
  • Pour 2-3 tablespoons of required rose water to it and combine well to prepare a semi-tight mixture.
  • Apply it to your face uniformly.
  • Let it sit for the next 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash off with plain old water.


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