Home remedies for sweaty palm
Home remedies for sweaty palm

Home remedies for sweaty palm

Home remedies for sweaty palm
Home remedies for sweaty palm

We use our hands every day, so palms damp with sweat can cause issue with everything from greeting people to handling objects. It is difficult to understand how frustrating they are until you experience them.

Excessive sweating: causes, tips and treatment:sweat glands acts as the body’s natural thermostat. When they suddenly go into overdrive, you get sweaty palms and feet. While this can be socially embarrassing, the good news is that excessive sweating  can be controlled with treatment. Many reasons cause body temperature to rise suddenly hot, humid weather, rigorous exercise, emotional stress, a panic attack. Even spicy foods can cause excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating can result in sweaty palms, sweaty feet, or sweaty armpits.

Are sweaty palms genetic:If your hands consistently perspire, you might have inherited a few bad genes.  Excessively sweaty palms can actually skip generations, so it’s possible that you inherited the problem even if your parents don’t have it.

According to some studies, two third of patients with hyperhidrosis have a family member with the same condition.

hand sweat is normal, but for some, it happens in Niagara falls like proportions and for absolutely no reason at all. This type of sweating is called palmar hyperhidrosis.

7 Tips and remedies to stop sweaty hands:

  • Use a specialized Hand antiperspirant
  • Keep alcohol hand wipes handy for a quick fix
  • Use baby powder or cornstarch to absorb palm sweat
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your body cool
  • Avoid sweat-inducing foods like caffeine, alcohol, red meat and spicy snacks
  • Eat vitamin-rich foods that promote balance and healthy digestion

Home remedies for sweaty hands :

  • Backing soda:Baking soda has an alkaline nature and thus, it can prove to be an effective remedy for sweaty hands and feet. Mix two to three tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and dip your hands in it for 20 to 30 minutes. Keep rubbing them with the soda powder in the water. Afterwards, pat them dry.
  • Rosewater :Buy organic rosewater from any store or make your own by boiling rose petals in water and straining it. Simply use a cotton swab to apply the rosewater on your palms and feet. It has a cooling impact on your skin.
  • Cornstarch :They both work in the same way as they help keep your skin dry. Just dust them on your palms and feet. Try to use a non-perfumed talcum powder as it is better and more natural, making it safe for frequent usage.
  • Lemon :Lemon can be used in three ways to control the problem of sweaty hands and feet. Take lemon and orange peels and dry them. After they turn hard and brittle, powder them. Dust the powder on your hands and feet. Store it in an airtight container. Mix lemon juice with vodka and rub it on your hands. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it away. Mix lemon juice with salt and rub it on your hands. After it gets dry, wash it away.
  • Tea bags:Due to its antiperspirant properties, you can use moist black tea bags for this purpose and hold them in your sweaty hands for a few minutes every day. You can also use it to rinse or wipe your sweaty hands and feet to control the problem. Alternatively, put 3 to 4 black tea bags in hot water and soak your palms or feet in it every day for 30 minutes.


  • Sandalwood powder:Since times immemorial, sandalwood paste has been used by people on their foreheads to keep it cool. It is known to lessen perspiration and due to this property, it is an effective remedy for sweaty palms and feet. Mix it with water, lime juice or rosewater. Apply it on the sweaty patches, let it dry and wash it off.
  • Caffeine:Avoid excessively spicy or sugary foods. Avoid caffeinated drinks. Do not apply creams that contain petroleum jelly on your hands and feet. Never wear your socks or gloves again without washing.

Potato:Take some potato slices and rub them against your sweaty hands and feet. Let the juice stay on your skin for some time and after that, wash it away.

  • Tomato juice:Tomato juice has a cooling impact on the body, making it sweat less. Drink it every day or dip your hands in tomato juice. It also contains sodium, which in turn helps keep the palms and feet dry.

Eat right foods:A good start is to try and remove highly processed foods and refined sugars from your diet. These types of foods take a lot of effort for your body to digest and cause it to generate much more heat than normal. Switch to whole grains, and if you need a sugar fix, snack on some naturally sweet fruit. Spicy foods, peppers, and chillies will naturally make you heat up too. Look for calcium-rich foods like yoghurt to cool your body down. Calcium acts as a natural temperature regulator for the body, as does sage and peppermint. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. When your body is hydrated, it’s much easier for it to stay cool.


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