Anti Aging Foods That Could Keep You, Young,

One of the biggest fears of humanity is getting old, physically and mentally. We spend a lot of time worrying about notorious changes in our body like wrinkles and canes. The truth is that this is the natural way of life and we are all going to get there sooner or later. But what causes this effects? And is there any way to make it later than sooner?

  1. Causes of body Aging

 The functional unit of the living beings is the cell. The cell is responsible to duplicate to replace the old ones with brand new ones that contain all the DNA that makes us who and how we are. Over the years, our cells start losing efficiency in their functions and that start making physical changes in us. When the cells start failing, several functions start failing like the DNA replications. This particular problem causes serious effects because the cells stop receiving their instructions of what they have to do in the body, what kind of organs they are part of or even how much time they are supposed to live. Therefore, complications like cancer or organ failure start occurring in our body.

The main reason why cells start failing is oxidation. This process is completely natural and inevitable, but it can be decelerated.

  1. What can we do to age slower?

There are many things we can do along our lives to achieve a better and maybe a longer life. Everything has a lot to do with the way you eat and the care that we give to our physical shape.

There are three pillars of the slow ageing and they will make a notorious difference in our body and our health if we take care of them. The younger we start worrying about them, the better results we will get.

  1. Exercise

 A fit life is a lifestyle that we should always follow. It is not just for fashion and aesthetic but for health. We should all have a fitness plan that goes along with our normal daily activities. Even 30 minutes of cardio activities a day can make a good difference.


  1. Avoid damaging activities and mental states

This is such a simple point. We should avoid damaging substances like tobacco and drugs and we should try to have a moderated alcohol consumption.

Controlling our mental state to be peaceful and well equilibrated is also a key for a good health. Stress is the most common illness in the world and controlling it can improve your life in really good ways.

  1. Diet
    Diet might be the most important pillar of a good health and slow ageing. Whatever you eat will have an important effect on our body and health. There are a lot of marvellous foods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that will give us a boost to have better physical conditions.

The antioxidants are really important because they will reduce the damage that the oxygen and substances we ingest every day due to our cells. Here are some of the best anti-ageing foods:

  • Dark chocolate: When this wonder has no milk, it has many regenerative effects for skin and it has antioxidants that fight toxins that accelerate wrinkles. It also improves blood circulation, it controls arterial pressure and it raises levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. There are many ways to enjoy dark chocolate. You have vegetable milkshakes or eat chocolate bars.
    dark chocolate_anti-aging
  • Avocado: It contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals. The most abundant are potassium, folic acid, iron, and zinc. It is really good for the hearth because of the high levels of oleic oil. You can even spread it over your wrinkles to regenerate the skin reducing the oxidation. You can enjoy it in so many ways like with breath, tortilla or filling your favorite sushi rolls with it.
  • Algae: It has many properties that help our body to expel bad toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the organism. This reduces the oxidation process of the body and the cell malfunction. It also reduces wrinkles by regenerating skin fibers faster.
    algae food_anti aging
  • Blueberries: It is one of the most popular anti-ageing foods because of its high levels of antioxidants. It has many nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonurients. It reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood because it does not contain any and it has a lot of fiber, which reduces the chances of getting a heart attack and other heart diseases.
  • Jack fruit: This is one of the most wonderful fruits in the world. Its origin is in India and is a fruit that can reach over one hundred pounds. It has been getting fame around the world because it can replace a lot of meat ingredients when it is unripe. It has a lot of anti-ageing properties thanks to all the vitamins it contains. Some of them are v1, folic acid, iron, potassium, vitamin c, and magnesium. It prevents bone damage because of its high levels of calcium, it prevents heart and it is known to be a natural Viagra. You can taste it in its natural way as its flavor is very special. It’s a combination of mango, pineapple, banana, peach, and orange.

There are really a lot of ways to improve our health and slow down the process of ageing. But for sure the diet is the most important key to achieve this.

A final advice for anti-aging effects is reducing the animal origin products consumption or completely cutting them out. Meat has a lot of radicals and toxins that accelerate oxidation and makes us old so much faster. A diet based on plants is probably the most important and effective way to live better and longer.



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