15 skin care tips for this summer
15 skin care tips for this summer

                         15 skin care tips for this summer

15 skin care tips for this summer
15 skin care tips for this summer

The summer is coming! With all that excitement around getting a new bathing suit and figuring out where your big summer romance is going to happen, we’d like to break in with some beauty tips to help you look your best. It’s time to shake off the chilly spring weather and look forward to some hot fun in the summer sun!

  1. Avoid peak hours:Avoid peak hours of sunlight when the temperatures and UV rays are at their highest, normally between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. That’s the best time to head inside, get food and water, let your body cool down, and maybe even take a nap.
  1. Clean your face often: Clean your face twice a day with a face wash. In addition, you can clean your face with plain water up to five times a day in case your work requires you to stay outdoors for long hours.
  1. Use a protective gear: You should invest in a good pair of sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella as these provide further protection for your skin from the strong and harmful rays of the sun.
  1. Wear minimal makeup:Try and use minimal make-up that is mineral-based instead of cream-based. Wearing heavy make-up during summer causes sweating and may clog your pores.
  1. Chew Some Juicy Fruits :“Melons are the perfect hot-weather food.
  1. Light-Colored Clothes : The white linen shirt every male movie star wears on the beach isn’t just fashionably conscious; it’s also intelligent for hot, sunny days. Dark clothing absorbs more heat, and tight clothes don’t let sweat . your body’s natural cooling system evaporate.
  1. Sunglasses :  Sunglasses are chic and functional. They prevent harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from scorching your corneas and protect your eyes for many more summers to come. Choose sunglasses that block 90 to 100 percent of UV rays.
  1. Remove tan:In case, your skin gets tanned in the summer, use simple home-made packs made of sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice to remove tan and also give you a glowing skin.
  1. Use a toner:You can go for a natural one (e. G. A mix of aloe-vera juice and rose water) or buy one from the market. In summers, toning your skin is very important since natural skin oils are secreted that may clog pores and cause acne.
  1. Go for exfoliation:While face wash can clean the face up to an extent, it is important to also use an exfoliating scrub on your face at least 3 times a week since all the sweat, oil and dirt clogs pores. A natural home-made scrub of curd, besan and honey soothes and cleanses the skin and can be used on the entire body.
  1. Sunscreen : Nothing knocks good days off a summer calendar like a nasty sunburn. When outdoors, use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15. Use a higher-rated, waterproof sunscreen if you’ll be poolside or out on the beach. Don’t forget to cover areas that burn easily: nose, ears, shoulders, and back of the neck.
  1. Lip Balm : Just like sunscreen protects the rest of your skin, a lip balm with SPF protection blocks out the sun and keeps in moisture for your lips. Perfect for a day on the lake or while you’re working on that summer romance.
  1. Water : Don’t wait until you’re thirsty! Drink water throughout the day to prevent dehydration or over exhaustion. Use the color of your urine to guide if you’re hydrated enough — the clearer the better.
  1. Juice : All natural juice without added sugar not only provides hydration but also important nutrients to keep you active in hot weather. Check the label on the juice bottle and make sure it says “100 percent juice with no sugar added.”
  1. Fruits and Vegetables :

Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and often high in water content. Salads and other dishes rich in seasonal produce will keep you feeling light and hydrated.

Diet tips for Staying Healthy in Summers

Have a quick look at some health tips for staying healthy during summers.

Include basil Seeds :Use basil seeds in your drink. This has good cooling effects.

Yogurt : Yogurt and other low-fat dairy products will also help you remain cool and provide you with calcium and protein.

Hot and spicy food : You should avoid taking hot and spicy food items as far as possible as the fruits and vegetables have organic salt in them and they are sufficient for the body in summers.

Fried food : Cut the intake of fried and fast food items.

Hygiene : Try to maintain good hygiene level regarding your body, clothes as well as in your choices of food items too.

Yoga and Exercise :

Limit your strenuous activities to early morning and late evening to avoid getting exhausted and worn out.

The above-mentioned tips for a healthy diet for summers will help you maintain a good health during the summer season. A little change in your everyday life will make you healthier and fit.


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